A spiritual morning (in 3 separate posts…I think…maybe more)

I have always had problems trying to find “my voice.” By that,  I mean,  I have always thought that I had it in me to write; but I really had no idea what to write about. My head is full of thoughts at all times. If I ever say I ever tell you that I’m not thinking of anything, there’s a 99. 99999% chance that I’m straight up lying to you. My mind is bursting at almost all times; but I didn’t know (and I’m not sure still I know) how to “get it out”.  

Anyway,  I’ve had what I guess you could say was quite a spiritual week.  That’s a helluva thing for me to say these days.  Shockingly though, it’s been happening in bits and pieces more and more. 

This week has been unique in that I have had the week off from work,  and the week entirely to myself. I’ve had the chance to work on one of my dissertation chapters, and I am extremely grateful. I also picked up the Power of Myth, a PBS video of interviews with Joseph Campbell by Bill Moyer.  The video series was recommended to me by my Sensei (info on him will be its own separate set of posts, as well as info on Kung Fu and how both have completely changed my life). The videos (on CDs) were awesome. I could seriously fill an ENTIRE BLOG with the thoughts and questions stimulated by that series. Hope that happens honestly, but I don’t know in reality if it will or it won’t. 

The information in the videos, or more so, the thoughts that they helped generate within me, led me to finding out more about a spiritual practice that has been weighing heavy on my heart.  The practice involves the creation of sand mandalas by Tibetan monks (At least,  I think it is practiced by Tibetan monks. More details in the post on the practice and how deeply it moved me this morning.) 

I also chose this time to look up Whirling Dervish videos, and be moved by the beauty of that spiritual practice. If I can, I’d like to write about that experience also. An amazing experience in so many ways; but an experience very different than my experience with the sand mandalas.  

Then there’s the book I picked up in Texas (yes, Texas, when I visited at Christmas of this year…just a few days ago, in fact).  Thoughts Without a Thinker, by Mark Eastern, M.D. I’d like to write a few dozen posts about that book also. Liked most of it that I’ve read so far, except for the Freud stuff. Oh well, I guess nothing is perfect. 

Did I mention Sensei? And Kung Fu? Oh, and this chapter of my dissertation? Um, yeah. A couple of dozen blogs. Easy. 


Now I just have to find the discipline to let out the voice I definitely have. If I don’t take the time to write every day or so…if this isn’t an alive and very, very active blog…well, then it won’t be because I have nothing to say. 


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